• 3 Things You Need To Know When Growing and Storing Cannabis

    Getting into the cannabis industry requires some serious know-how on how to grow, store, and market your yield. There are elements to consider to ensure a plentiful harvest including trackable growing habits, space, and facility temperature. Whether you currently own a grow facility, or are looking to tap into the emerging (and profitable) market, here are the top 3 things you NEED to know when you are growing and storing your cannabis.

    1. Maximize Your Growing Space

    If you are in the marijuana sales business, you know that more storage and space means more money. Maximizing your growing space means more production, and when you can produce in larger volumes, it allows your storefront or sales service to be expanded. Pipp Horticulture mobile storage racks can assist in creating more storage space for your cannabis business with mobile vertical grow rack systems. Mobile storage systems can increase production capacity, reduce operating costs, and increases revenue as much as 3 times per square foot (calculate higher yields here). Not to mention, less facility space means less of an environmental impact, which ties into our next tip.
    growing cannabis

    2. Skip The Plastic, Use Glass

    Plastic is an extremely ineffective way to store your cannabis, as it affects not only the taste, but can also crush and destroy the buds when being stored. Using glass storage containers not only keeps the taste intact, but also provides an airtight seal that will keep the marijuana from drying out. Costs for plastic storage can also get costly, as oftentimes it cannot get reused between batches.

    3. Set Up a Growing Calendar

    Keeping track of when you plant, grow, and harvest your cannabis is essential to business success. The schedule starts the same day you plant the seeds in your growing space. From there, the growing cycle can range from anywhere between 12 to 22 weeks. Setting up and keeping a growing calendar also allows you to gauge just how long it takes your facility to grow cannabis and allows you to plan sales and product fulfillment ahead of time.

    Get Started Growing Cannabis Today!

    Whether you are preplanning your cannabis business or trying to become more profitable at your current one, learning how to properly grow and store the product is essential to success. Because of the growth cycle, it’s important to consider implementing these items in advance to ensure a smooth harvest.