• New Greenhaus Industries Website Is Launched!

    At Pipp Horticulture, we pride ourselves on providing the best mobile vertical farming and storage solutions for your grow operations. For years, we’ve partnered with other industry leaders in the cultivation and made the move to make Greenhaus Industries a part of our team in 2013.

    Meet Greenhaus Industries

    Greenhaus Industries is an innovator and manufacturer of multi-level cultivation and drying systems designed for the vertical farming industry. Greenhaus systems allow cultivators to maximize small and large spaces for vertical cultivation and drying facilities, which can dramatically increase production and profits. Working together with Pipp Horticulture and its partners, they create the perfect cultivation system for your grow operations. 

    Modern cultivation calls for a more modern site design which is why they saw the need to redesign their outdated, unresponsive website.  Check out the new website and let us know what you think!

    Check out the website below:

    Vertical Farming Solutions | Greenhaus Industries Cultivation New Website


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