• MJBizCon 2019: A Recap

    Pipp Horticulture booth at MJBizCon | Showcasing our cultivation facility equipment Pipp Horticulture at MJBizCon 2019

    As it’s been for the past three years, interest, traffic, and excitement surrounding Pipp Horticulture was exploding. Of course, all this lead to another successful year at Marijuana Business Daily’s MJBizCon 2019. Constant traffic during all three days of the event and all 17 Pipp Horticulture team members engaged in deep discussions with existing and future clients including growers, owners, investors, and operators from all over the world. This includes all corners of the United States, Canada, Israel, Australia, Europe, and Asia!

    Showcasing Our Cultivation Facility Equipment

    Showcasing our cultivation facility equipment at MJBizConThe team was showcasing some new features to our existing mobile vertical cultivation systems as well as completely new items for the drying and processing side of the business. At Pipp we aim to always lead the way for indoor cultivation facility equipment innovation, development, and advancement.

    Meet Our Team

    Showcasing our cultivation facility equipment at MJBizConPipp Horticulture remains dedicated to true partnerships and value-adding solutions. Our show floor booth representation team included key members from critical groups like our Cultivation Consulting team and the Engineering team. Director of Cultivation, Michael Williamson, stepped into detailed discussions surrounding optimal facility design for healthy plant growth and production. Our Engineering team helped clients solve unique challenges their facilities face, helped consider custom solutions, and fully explained how our track/rail-based mobile carriage system can be implemented for success.


    drying rackFollowing last year’s support at MJBizCon, we decided to host a giveaway for our newly redesigned horticulture drying cart! Our new drying cart sparked so much interest with over 500 entries, we decided to give away 2 carts! The Pipp Horticulture drying cart is designed to accommodate hanging plants in order to dry them out for further processing. It has adjustable cantilever-style finger attachments which allow you to configure the cart as needed. The drying cart is an essential part of the cultivation process that can provide an increase in production and help streamline your workflow. See our Instagram @pipphorticulture for more details!

    Check out our mobile vertical grow racks we had on display at MJBizCon 2019 below!

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