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Mobile Carriages for Vertical Grow Racks

The Pipp Horticulture Mobile Carriage is built to order and can accommodate any vertical racking system. It features our Mechanical Assist Drive System allowing for easy movement, maximizing the efficiency of your grow space by creating a “movable aisle” and “high density” grow space.


Say Goodbye to Empty Aisles in Your Cannabis Grow

Don’t waste an inch of space in your cultivation facility. Pipp’s Mobile Carriages allow for easy movement of your vertical racks to create a high density grow space.

Our Mechanical Assist Drive System lets you create an aisle in whichever zone you need to service. Growers need quick access to get their eyes and hands on all the plants.

Whether you have one, two, three, or more levels in the cultivation space, the vertical racks can be moved to make way for the team to tend to the plants. Employees will have safe access to both sides of each rack.

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